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Residential Services   Cylinder repair and refilling   Cylinder exchange program  

Appliance installation   Tank installation   Gas plumbing and piping
Motor fuel service   Engine Conversions/fuel system repairs



Residential Services

This is the full gamut. This category is a very general statement that covers the gamut of your homes needs regarding propane. This includes but is not limited to: cooking inside and out, heating inside and out (includes pool and patio heating)

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Cylinder Repair and Refilling

In many cases a cylinder may be damaged and needs repair. Many locations offer refilling and do not offer repair work. You may want to consider purchasing a new cylinder since the material is contained under pressure and any type of leak or situation that could jeopardize the tank is extremely dangerous. I always sell or trade the tank regardless of the size and get a new one.

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Cylinder E xchange Program

 This is what you'll typically see at gas stations, grocery stores or anywhere else these guys can dump there load of cylinders. The idea has always been put it in front of the market that needs it and they'll scoop them up as a convenience. You certainly tend to pay more for at the big food stores but what you're really paying for is the convenience.

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Appliance installation

You need to make sure when they advertise appliances they mean all appliances not just kitchen appliances. In most cases the education and experience of the technician dictates the level of service and the products they will work on. They may install the particular appliance and not install the pipes leading to the appliance. You need to be very specific in the job in order for the vendor to be able to do it. I've seen to many installers out of their element trying to rig pipes when all they are really comfortable with is the install only. 

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Tank Installation

This is just as it says. They install tanks

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Gas Plumbing and Piping

In my opinion this skill is a bit more sophisticated. It mirrors plumbing skills but instead of moving water through the pipes your moving explosive gas. Installs in new homes require the vendor to be familiar with a wide variety of regulations. It requires more information on the part of the vendor to do the job properly.

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Motor Fuel Service

Just as it reads.

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Engine Conversions/Fuel System Repairs

This is a more developed set of skills. They usually have a full garage with adequate tools and infrastructure to handle engine conversions. The focus is more of a repair shop rather then a fuel depot. 

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Home Heating Articles



LUnderstanding factors that drive the volatility in residential heating oil prices.

Fluctuations: Variations that occur in the price of petroleum distillate products due to incremental, somewhat
predictable, changes in the supply and demand of such products.

More consumers begin using heating oil as a secondary heating source:

Some consumers may use heating oil to augment their existing heat source in times of extreme cold.
Prices of other heating fuels (such as natural gas or kerosene) may increase even more than heating oil
during these periods.

Wholesale buyers and anxious consumers drive the market up:

Resupply may be weeks away. Concerned that supplies will not cover short-term customer demand, wholesale
buyers bid up prices for available product. All the while the regional inventory is being depleted.
Consumers become anxious about their short-term needs and continue buying up the current inventory; driving
prices up sharply until the new supply arrives.

Seasonal demand for heating oil:

Where the consumer lives also plays a significant part in the seasonal demand for heating oil. A homeowner in
the Northeast might use 650-1000 gallons of heating oil during a typical winter, while their counterpart in South
Carolina may use half as much

There is an appreciable amount of oil-heated homes located in New England and the Central Atlantic States.
Approximately 6.3 million homes of the 8.1 million households nationwide that heat with oil are located in the
northeastern part of the United States. That comprises roughly 78 percent of the total U.S. heating oil market.
The seasonal increase in inventories and demand is largely confined to the Northeast. It is not uncommon for
the total receipts for heating oil sales in the Northeast to exceed 80 percent of gross sales in any given year.


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